Canyon of the Eagles will be offering Kayak Rentals through our Park Store. We will have 4 Single and 2 Tandem kayaks available to rent.  

WHAT TO BRING: You will need a valid driver’s license or government issued ID. You can charge the kayak to your guest room, RV site or camp site if you are staying with us on property. We suggest that you bring a water bottle, a water-proof bag for your valuables, and sunscreen. We do offer sunscreen, bottles of water, water-proof bags and many other items for purchase.

HOW OLD TO RIDE: The minimum age for children in kayaks is 8 or older and MUST be accompanied by an adult. Single kayak riders must be 16 years or older and MUST have an adult in an additional kayak supervising, if under the age of 16. For all guests and visitors’ safety, we apply these practices.

All renters must agree and sign the unconditional release of liability.
Paddlers must be aware the traffic pattern is “River Right”. Paddle along the right-hand shore.
Small boats (kayaks, canoes) yield to the larger, faster boats.
We advise you if storms are in the area and if necessary advise you to “seek shelter”.
Paddlers are required to wear their life vest while in the boat regardless of age.
No alcohol consumption is allowed in the boats.
Pack it in, pack it out. Let’s Keep Lake Buchanan and Canyon of the Eagles BEAUTIFUL.


Kayak Rentals, Single or Tandem are available to overnight guests only.
(24 Hour Notice Required)

Full Day: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Full-Day: $75