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Ask yourself this question

Before you book your next trip ask yourself what a good getaway feels like?

Someplace romantic but still family-friendly. Somewhere that helps you unwind, relax, feel rejuvenated, and reconnect with those you love.

guestroom porch

It’s about experiences!

Restful nights. Sipping coffee in the morning on your porch listening to the birds. Strolling to the restaurant for breakfast with a view of the lake.

Overlook Restaurant

Reading a chapter in your book distraction-free. A therapeutic massage perhaps? A morning walk to revel in nature with a box lunch on the trail. Bring your four-legged BFF with you on the trip and the trails.  Take time to sketch, photograph, or just soak it all in on the 14-milesof groomed paths.

Nature trails are dog-friendly   guided nature walks

A swim in the lake to refresh. A cold drink while you dry-off accompanied by laughter or a heartfelt conversation, your choice. Perhaps a game of horseshoes or cornhole. Skill not required.  A casual dinner outdoors on the deck watching the sunset followed by a glass of great wine and a freshly baked dessert. Amble outdoors to the glowing firepit and discuss life, swap jokes, or partake in the tradition of telling family stories. As stars begin to appear in the dark sky, book a spot and make your way to the observatory to learn about what lies beyond the view of the naked eye. Peer through the telescope to galaxies beyond. Be in awe of the universe.

s'mores firepit  wine list

The next days may include kayaking or a boat cruise of the canyon to see the waterfall and wildlife. Watching a movie outdoors under the stars. Or be very still inside a nature blind to see animals in their native habitat. Dance to a local live band on the patio. Be amazed at the snake expert showcasing his collection. Be brave and hold a nonvenomous snake.  Perhaps, take a guided walk by a naturalist to learn about trees and plants.

outdoor music  canyon cruise  nature programs - snakes

This is the magic of the Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park and Resort. All of it, in one place.

American Bald Eagles   Hummingbirds  Painted Buntings

This is the place where majestic American Bald Eagles return to their nest each year, fall through spring. This is the place you return to because you are comforted by the familiarity and in awe of what is new. This is the place where you go to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, pop the question, or just get away. This is the place where you would go if the price were no object – even though it is affordable.

This is the place where moments spent with those you love are priceless