In Loving Memory: Doug Day

It is regret we inform our guests and visitors that Doug Day, our talented house musician and longtime good friend, suddenly passed away today.  Many of you knew Doug or enjoyed his music for a decade or longer.  We will miss him terribly and are devastated by this news.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Doug’s family.  We’re heartbroken,  but there is no doubt, Doug is now singing among the angels and soaring with the eagles…may he forever rest in peace!

One thought on “In Loving Memory: Doug Day

  1. Scott Schenkel says:

    Doug was a hell of a musician, a great guy, and a great friend. We started a band, (Jumbo), in Odessa, Texas, late summer of 1971, (when he was using a quarter as a pick!), and I have been impressed by his musicianship, on numerous instruments, ever since. He was a great singer, and an accomplished songwriter, (even if Nashville didn’t believe it). He seemed to keep a positive outlook all through his illness, and I also believe that he is now singing, (or maybe playing harmonica), with the angels.
    I will truly miss you, old buddy, and you will stay in my heart.

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