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Canyon of the Eagles takes its name from the American Bald Eagles that winter in the area.  The Nature Park showcases the flora and fauna of Lake Buchanan and provides a refuge for the endangered Black-Capped Vireo, Golden-Cheeked Warbler, and American Bald Eagle.

Common wildlife sightings include rabbits, deer, roadrunners, snakes, bobcats, feral pigs, and armadillos. Throughout the spring and early summer, wildflowers bloom in abundance!


Convenient Location

Lake Buchanan, Burnet County, Texas

Canyon of the Eagles is in Central Texas Hill Country on Lake Buchanan, the largest body of water (over 30 miles in length and 5 miles wide) in the Highland Lakes region. The property is located 25 minutes from Burnet, 50 minutes from Llano, 90 minutes northwest of Austin, 2 hours north of San Antonio, 4 hours southwest of Dallas and 4 hours west of Houston.  Ranch Road 2341, one of the most scenic roads in Texas, ends at its entrance.