Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park and Resort has something for everyone.  Exploring 940 acres of a nature park lends itself to discovery and wellness.  Take a stroll or vigorous hike on the 14 miles of trails; enjoy live music or movies under the stars, and take part in an educational and recreational programs.  Please check our Activity Guide for a calendar of all events.  


Join our Master Naturalist on a guided hike or nature walk along one of our beautiful trails.  The park has over 14 miles of a manicured trails, suitable for all abilities, the steepest one culminating in a spectacular hilltop view over Lake Buchanan.  Whichever trail you choose, you’ll be guided by our Master Naturalist, a tremendous resource for information on Texas wild plants and animals and Native American culture.  Private group walks and hikes are available with notice.  


Join our Holistic Dog Handler for an educational walk and talk along our beautiful trails.  We offer one-on-one time during the hour long walk to answer questions and offer guidance.  We coach both children and adults in the “language of dogs” which awards you and your dog the highest level of understanding.  The goal is to develop a more balanced relationship and a happy, well-adjusted dog.  To ensure your pups feel safe, loved and respected, we use only positive reinforcement methods in a kind and empathetic manner.  No prong, shock or choke collars are permitted  Private coaching sessions for individual and families are available with notice. 



One of our Saturday events includes the popular, family- oriented, interactive talk, “Shake, Rattle, and Coil” hosted by our Nature Guide and his non-venomous reptile friends.  Learn about the animals that share our habitat, and take the opportunity to hold Henry, the gentle snake.  

Throughout the year, our Master Naturalist hosts a variety of educational programs, including talks on Native America, The Monarch Butterfly Migration, Hummingbirds and Beautiful Bugs.


Our “Crafty Kids” class is fun.  Kids enjoy creating nature-themed arts and crafts while singing along to kid-friendly tunes. Family Bingo lets the whole family compete for prizes, including COE merchandise & credits and lets you declare yourself the Bingo Winner of your family or group.   

Enjoy huddling around the fire pit toasting S’mores (kits and sticks available at the Guest Services Desk) and watching our nightly, family- friendly movie either under the stars every Friday night (weather permitting) or projected in one of our many indoor spaces.  


The park’s Seventh Circuit Labyrinth, registered with the World-Wide Labyrinth Society, is sacred space is for spiritual growth and a symbol of transformation.  Designed by Girl Scout Gold Award winner, Mia Lushan DeSanctis, the park’s Seventh Circuit Labyrinth refers to the seven paths that lead to the center of goal.  All of us are on our own path; the labyrinth is the physical expression of that path.  It leads you to the center and out again.  Begin your own inner journey to the center and back by walking through our lakeside Seventh Circuit Labyrinth.